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Goreshi's blog

- RN

- a registered nurse, who really doesn't want to take up nursing, but ended up passing the boards without a failing grade

- once worked as a English tutor for Koreans, and now ...still doesn't have a job....

- has a Japanese name longer than her own name..Goreshi

- spends her Saturdays and Sundays at the cathedral of praise..

- a lot of times that doesn't think like a 21 years old....probably brain was affected by psychosocial things, .... the fact that most of her friends are younger than her, she is the youngest, and she's always been surrounded by kids every sunday

- likes to go to anime convention, but never finishes it or won't attend other anime events even if its tempting......because she prioritize her time to be at church for 6 pm services and be present for Sunday

- LOVES COLOR YELLOW...has 9 yellow colored shirts...and counting more...

- doesn't like printed shirts..owns 2...with the same pattern...black and white....shirts with drawings of necktie...

- loves doing anything as long as it is computer related...

- likes to do arts and crafts....@_@...cut cut cut...fold fold fold...

- LOVES ANIME, but doesn't watch everything...she chooses what she watches....like sports themed anime...slam dunk and prince of tennis tops her list

- LOVES SUPER SENTAI.....sentai!..(.the original version of power rangers...in case you don't know)....her faves are Maskman, Boukenger, Shinkenger....
(START UP!!!...)

- sleeps 2-3 hours before Sunday morning, but she enjoys it...for she sleeps the whole afternoon like a log...

- LOVES CSI (all three franchise..Las Vegas, Miami, New York)...seriously, even it breaks her heart to see Grissom leave CSI, Horatio won't be with Yelina, and Danny got married to Lindsay, the character she hates the most

- a sort-of obssesive compulsive..has 4 email addresses, each used/receives emails with in categories...owns 2 usb, with different function of storage, has a lot of boxes, each boxes contains organized stuffs

-- more to come....

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