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06 September 2015 @ 11:15 pm
Current Location: Junjin's heart
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23 March 2015 @ 09:14 pm
It was another painful year again for me


Shinhwa Anniversary Concert

~_~... I have been trying my best to save up to watch them

even if to see them in Asia Tour

but it's so hard to save

with the little income that I have

I really need a better job to feed my wants

..I also dont want to ask my parents for this

I really hope I can get a better job to help my family and for me to happy.

I really really want to see Junjin in flesh

Honestly, I am really jealous of my co teachers who have these money to spend to fly to Korea

while I, juggle a job, tutor and online tutorial....and still..it's not enough to fly me off to Korea or to see them in an Asian tour

I spend so much on merch I guess

and they dont!

oh well

I should do my best in studying

I have to finish my masters...

just 1 year and 1 sem to go
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Current Music: Shinhwa - Mannequin
05 March 2015 @ 10:28 pm
Ok I have finally gotten over him

thank God ^^,

moving on with life

but the stress this March is too much

one stressor is gone: to dine out with him

hahaha saved money!

second stressor: finals

so many papers to accomplish ~_~

third stressor: my workmates and boss

boss did not gave us our salary last 25th, because she said, she does not need not to pay it and she doesn't have a budget for that...

my co workers are sooooo angry at her...they wanted to file a complain in the labor department

and I am tired of their argument

I have too many things to solve and I don't need another problem at work

and boss, it's not 10k...it's just a small amount..~_~...so why not give it to us?...

and workmates, aren't you going to be tired of complaining?

because I have lots of things to think about

my contract should ended on April

but I decided to stay till the end of May


fourth stressor: Fandom

my gosh why so many rules now?? and why shinhwa isn't winning??...come on! oppa fighting!!!

and why Thanks ed is soooo nice tooo

(my L.E is with boss...~_~....)


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Current Music: Alright - Shinhwa
17 February 2015 @ 08:51 pm
It's been years....

so an update

first, i already left the anime fandom

but I am still a fan of some...though it's not the same

I am now a licensed teacher...and now on my way to masters degree :)

I work in a preschool

and found love in 2013..with SHINHWA!

yes, I have left the Japanese Fandom for Korean Fandom

so instead of dreaming to go to Japan, I dream to go to Korea ^^

Junjin is my bias ^^,

when I look back at my post here...during my days in Japanese fandom, I am a poor fan who couldn't buy anything

no credid card, no cash to spare

now.. I have cash to spare

I can buy what I want in Shinhwa fandom (..as long as my pocket can...)

oh wells, that's it for now :)
17 February 2015 @ 07:25 pm
I guess this journal knows me, better than anyone else.

this journal has experienced the happiness and the sadness of my life.

It's been two years since I opened this..

I guess this is home, home to let out my real internal monologue

I read back the ones I have posted before...

wow, it was the same anger "inis" I felt 2 years back

same person too

but now

after years

it has been confirmed

you really can't get your happy ending, just by your own efforts

but yep, thanks for the 5 years of happiness...5 years of friendship

.... and I got to wake up to another dream

4 years ago, I recovered because you were there

life was not easy, I was really emotionally broken at that time...

you have been a good friend...through thick or thin

but this time

it felt like you left me clueless

dude, we're friends, at least you could have told me.... you are courting someone

just suddenly became cold?

whatever she fed you, must be weird

I would accept the fact you are now with someone

but at least....you could have told me in advance

at least ndi man ako naging tanga ng isang buwan sa kakaisip kung ok ka lang or may problema ka

because it's not the usual you

but hey, trip mo pa la talaga ang mga ganun babae..STRAIGHT FORWARD FLIRT

why waste my time

thank you for letting the clue get out finally after a month of not talking to you

thank you for at least remembering me when you see someone doing sign language

you will be the last person who is going to hurt me

and I won't let anyone do that to me again

and I want you to be the last one who will say sorry to me

sa kanya kana humingi ng tsokolate mo

may pangbili na yan
Current Mood: angryangry