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23 March 2015 @ 09:14 pm
Shinhwa Feels  
It was another painful year again for me


Shinhwa Anniversary Concert

~_~... I have been trying my best to save up to watch them

even if to see them in Asia Tour

but it's so hard to save

with the little income that I have

I really need a better job to feed my wants

..I also dont want to ask my parents for this

I really hope I can get a better job to help my family and for me to happy.

I really really want to see Junjin in flesh

Honestly, I am really jealous of my co teachers who have these money to spend to fly to Korea

while I, juggle a job, tutor and online tutorial....and still..it's not enough to fly me off to Korea or to see them in an Asian tour

I spend so much on merch I guess

and they dont!

oh well

I should do my best in studying

I have to finish my masters...

just 1 year and 1 sem to go
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