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05 March 2015 @ 10:28 pm
Get over  
Ok I have finally gotten over him

thank God ^^,

moving on with life

but the stress this March is too much

one stressor is gone: to dine out with him

hahaha saved money!

second stressor: finals

so many papers to accomplish ~_~

third stressor: my workmates and boss

boss did not gave us our salary last 25th, because she said, she does not need not to pay it and she doesn't have a budget for that...

my co workers are sooooo angry at her...they wanted to file a complain in the labor department

and I am tired of their argument

I have too many things to solve and I don't need another problem at work

and boss, it's not 10k...it's just a small amount..~_~...so why not give it to us?...

and workmates, aren't you going to be tired of complaining?

because I have lots of things to think about

my contract should ended on April

but I decided to stay till the end of May


fourth stressor: Fandom

my gosh why so many rules now?? and why shinhwa isn't winning??...come on! oppa fighting!!!

and why Thanks ed is soooo nice tooo

(my L.E is with boss...~_~....)


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