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17 February 2015 @ 08:51 pm
It's been years....

so an update

first, i already left the anime fandom

but I am still a fan of some...though it's not the same

I am now a licensed teacher...and now on my way to masters degree :)

I work in a preschool

and found love in 2013..with SHINHWA!

yes, I have left the Japanese Fandom for Korean Fandom

so instead of dreaming to go to Japan, I dream to go to Korea ^^

Junjin is my bias ^^,

when I look back at my post here...during my days in Japanese fandom, I am a poor fan who couldn't buy anything

no credid card, no cash to spare

now.. I have cash to spare

I can buy what I want in Shinhwa fandom (..as long as my pocket can...)

oh wells, that's it for now :)